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Welcome to Shengli

      Shengli is located in Yongkang distric of Tainan City, closed to Chai-Tou-Kang stream. The establishment of the school was to alleviate the overcrowding situation of students in Wuwang Elementary School. Therefore, the basic school district was divided from Liuhelie to establish our school and from Fuxing Elementary School to establish Shengli District. The school is located near a traditional market, with narrow lanes and frequent vehicular traffic, which is a disadvantage in terms of natural development conditions. However, under the efforts and planning of successive principals, the school has been led by a group of young, energetic, and dedicated teachers, resulting in an increase in the number of classes from the original six to thirty-one, and the number of students has grown from 150 in the first year to the current 733 (August, 8, 2023).